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I am an independent full-stack web application developer with years of experience writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, and more recently, experience writing Solidity based smart contracts deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. I also have years of experience in graphic design and accounting. With this skill set, I am able to build a wide range of custom web applications.

{ UI / UX }

Custom Design / Layout
(Exact match to mockups)

Already have wireframes or mockups of your pages? I can write custom HTML and CSS and include custom fonts to match your layout to the pixel.

{ coding }

Custom Application Code
(Front-end and Back-end)

Need something that's more flexible than an out-of-the-box solution? I can write custom code to do whatever you want to do with your application.

{ web3 }

Web3 Integration
(via smart contracts)

Need to integrate web3 into your project? No problem. I can write, deploy and interact with custom Solidity smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The InterWeb Guru

Full-Stack Web Development
in Bismarck, North Dakota